The monitoring solution for smarter livestock management

The world’s first ceiling suspended robot that autonomously monitors animal welfare and helps farmers improve productivity.

This is why SCOUT is relevant for your farm.

Thermal comfort & air quality continually monitored by world-class robotics.

Thanks to its embedded Artificial Intelligence and smart camera system, SCOUT is able to detect what farmers cannot see with their own eyes. This head-start provides farmers with a huge advantage; implement corrective actions before any issue really begins.

Better performance starts with anticipation.

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SCOUT gauges

  • Mortality to keep the farm clean;
  • Wet spots for better litter quality;
  • Detective drinkers for better access to water.


SCOUT analyzes

  • Excrements for early disease detection and improved feed conversion;
  • Data by relevant categories.


SCOUT measures

  • Thermal comfort (temperature, relative humidity, air speed);
  • Air quality (C02 NH3);
  • Light intensity;
  • Sound levels;
  • Bird distribution.


SCOUT reports

  • Thermal sensation;
  • Air quality;
  • Animal welfare.

Discover SCOUT in action!

Access the information you need.
Where and when you want it.

An outstanding management software platform with embedded alerts and customizable notifications.

Receive daily reports with maps of the entire barn and automated alerts that give you the intelligence to fine tune your environment and improve production.

Scout Platform Management

I can look at the droppings, but i can’t count or check them all.
Scout can do that.”

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